Pure Water Window Cleaning

Increasingly in today’s style conscious market, architects are designing buildings with more glass and bigger windows. It is common place to see entirely glass-clad multi storey buildings around towns and cities in Cyprus.

In our dusty environment with sudden torrential rain showers even in the height of summer, windows become dirty very quickly making these stylish “designer” buildings look old and shabby.

Window cleaning of glass-clad multi storey buildings can be both expensive and time consuming as it is traditionally done manually by men in a cherry picker.

EPS Envirotech provides a new cost-effective, time saving and environmentally friendly solution. We clean windows up to 4 floors above ground level using the latest technology in pure water, water-fed pole systems.

Our equipment produces pure water on demand to scrub and rinse windows without any chemical cleaning agents leaving windows clean and streak free.

EPS Envirotech can clean your windows more often for a lower cost. The whole job can be carried out quickly by technicians standing on the ground without the need for a cherry picker, saving time and expensive machine hire costs.