Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Dirty kitchen exhaust duct systems in commercial kitchens are a very serious fire hazard. The grease and debris in the ducting can ignite and cause fire to spread rapidly through a building, placing the occupants’ lives at risk and causing major damage to the building and the business.

By law the owner or business manager is responsible to ensure the premises, staff and public are safe from potential hazards.
If a fire occurs and the extraction system has not been cleaned within the last 12 months the business may not be insured and the owner / manager may face legal proceedings.

Insurance claims for fires started in, and spread by, dirty kitchen extraction systems run into millions of Euros every year.

If a duct system is cleaned regularly the chance of a duct fire is dramatically reduced.

EPS Envirotech provides professional duct cleaning services backed up with a comprehensive project report including photographic evidence of the work carried out. We include in our report a recommendation for regular inspection and cleaning based on a reasoned risk assessment of your extraction system, type and volume of cooking.

Our services are carried out in line with the TR/19 guidelines from the HVCA (Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association – UK) and the NFPA96 (National Fire Protection Association – USA).