Air Conditioning Cleaning and Disinfection

All Air Conditioning systems over a period of time become contaminated with dust and debris including contaminants such as atmospheric dust, building materials, human hair, animal dander, fibres from carpets and clothing, pollen, tobacco smoke, hydrocarbons, insects, vermin and many more. These accumulations inside the ducts and on the cooling coils can result in the growth of bio-film, mould and bacteria. These are well documented as a major cause of respiratory illnesses and can also trigger Asthma attacks.

EPS Envirotech cleans the complete air duct system in accordance with NADCA Standard ACR 2006. This standard has been adopted worldwide by health and safety officials and building managers to ensure air conditioning systems are cleaned correctly and professionally.

EPS Envirotech has NADCA certified ASCS’s (Air System Cleaning Specialists) on staff to coordinate the most complex air duct cleaning projects.

Advantages of cleaning your air duct system include:
  • Increased employee productivity – Cleaner air means less employee absences and a healthier, happier work environment.
  • Reduced housekeeping costs – dust and debris from the duct system is not blowing into the living space.
  • Increased airflow – clean ducts cause less restriction to the passing air.
  • Improved efficiency and energy saving – clean systems are more efficient.